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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Air Humidifier

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Imagine walking into your home after a tiring day at work, school or out doing errands, hoping to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, but your place feels dry and unpleasant! If the lack of humidity is making your skin, throat or nasal passages dry, Then Aromatherapy Essential Oil Air Humidifier could be a perfect addition for your home!

Moreover, Cool mist in Aromatherapy Essential Oil Air Humidifier adds moisture purifies the air you breathe and instantly cleanse and refresh the atmosphere while giving off a delicate, sweet scent.

In addition, It is based on Atomization Technology, that converts water and essential oils into extremely fine micro-particles and disperse the mist without ruining the benefits of oils.


  • Romantic rainbow color led to light
  • Humidifier Working in 12-24 hours
  • 3 In 1 Humidifier, USB Fan, LED Light
  • Novelty Cute Deer Design, Continuous and Intermittent mist mode.
  • Your kids and the whole family can enjoy the sweet aroma and healthy environment
  • Rich Fog with ultra-quiet design.

How to Operate:

  1. Mist: Short press switch once turns on the humidifier start continuous mist mode, short press switch again start intermittent mist mode, short third times turn off mist.
  2. Light: Long press and hold the switch in 2-3 seconds turn on the light, long press and hold switch again turn off the light

How to Install:

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Air Humidifier

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