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Baby Grooming Kit

Size Guide

Caring for your baby’s body hygiene is vital, neat hair, clean feet, and hands are among the methods to safeguard kids from infections, removing the hiding place of bacteria. Along with a secure and total Baby Grooming Kit can allow you to maintain the baby sterile.

Moreover, Baby Grooming Kit contains assorted 13 pieces of health tools to your fragile baby.

  1. Nasal aspirator: 8.5cm/3.35in
  2. Finger Toothbrush: 5.5cm/2.17in
  3. Brush: 12cm/4.72in
  4. Thermometer: 12cm/4.72in
  5. Nail scissors: 6cm/
  6. Tweezers: 8.5cm/3.35in
  7. Roundhead scissors: 9.8cm/3.86in
  8. Comb: 12cm/4.72in
  9. Dropper applicator: 12cm/4.72in
  10. Nail file: 10cm/3.94in
  11. Frog water thermometer: 11cm/4.33in
  12. Longear spoon: 13cm/5.12in
  13. Spoon medicine machine: 13cm/5.12in
  14. Handbag: Length: 24cm/9.45in, Width: 21cm/8.27in, Height: 4.5cm/1.77in

In addition, it is made of top-grade stainless steel and BPA-free 100% secure for your baby’s wellbeing.


Size Chart

*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and manufacturer.


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