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Baby Portable Nest Bed

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Baby Portable Nest Bed is created amorously to stay your baby happy, cozy and safe in his very little den. Being adjustable it grows together with your baby.

Baby Portable Nest Bed

Baby Portable Nest Bed is made of 100% cotton and comes in a fold-able design. It is a must-have for active parents and will definitely make the exciting and exhausting months of baby’s life a little easier. Therefore, your kid will invariably be right by your aspect, while still sleeping safely in his or her own space.

Baby Portable Nest Bed

Safe Sleep and Comfort:

Your child will feel comfortable and safe in our soft Baby Bed. It gives the comfort of a mother’s touch and provides a soothing environment for your baby’s cozy sleep. It’s a lounger bed to rest and play, and even a comfortable cushion for your baby to get a diaper change. 

Baby Portable Nest Bed

The light-weight design and easy-to-use package with handle makes super easy to carry. Working in your home office, making dinner, catching up on a great book, going to a friend's house for coffee? Your little one is always in your company. Babies like to keep within their own very little den. It's comfortable safe and gives a touch of familiarity.

Baby Portable Nest Bed

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