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Bendable Baby Spoon Fork Set

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Ready to teach your toddler to eat independently? Here's a Bendable Baby Spoon Fork Set that will make the process safe, easy, and fun!

Yup, you aren't imagining things. Your baby just picked up a spoon and tried to feed herself! Thrilled? Yes. Worried? Definitely. What if she hurts her gums? What if she accidentally "stabs" herself?

Relax, Mama. Experts recommend Bendable Baby Spoon Fork Set. This bendable baby set will help your little one develop good eating habits in a safe and enjoyable way!

Bendable Baby Spoon Fork Set- Feeding Baby | The Everbloomer


NON-TOXIC AND GENTLE TO USE: Made of BPA Free food-grade silicone. It is odorless and free of PVC, Nitrosamine, Latex, and Phthalate. The silicone material is gentle for your baby's delicate gums and teeth and can also double up as a teether. It feels soft so they won't get hurt even if they accidentally poke themselves.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The spoon and fork can be bent left, right, or forward 90° without rebounding, making it easy for the baby to eat independently. The handles are firm to give the tiny tots a better grip. They are rounded and smooth, making it easier for your baby to eat while protecting their sensitive mouth and gums. They are the perfect size for your baby's little mouth and hands.

EASY TO CLEAN AND DISHWASHER-SAFE: One-piece molding makes this set eat to clean and maintain.


  • Made of: Polypropylene (PP) which are food-grade approved plastics.
  • Free of Nitrosamine, Latex, Phthalate, PVC, and BPA

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