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Braided Baby Crib Bumper

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The Braided Baby Crib Bumper is a breathable made of high quality Non-Toxic and hypoallergenic fabric, the outer layer is covered with super soft plush and the lining is filled with high-density microfiber. In infancy, it has a colorful color that can be used as a visual stimulator to facilitate the visual development of the baby.

It is made of a super soft plush fabric that will promote maximum airflow and reduce the risk of suffocation. High-density microfiber fill-in will protect your baby's head from the crib rails and prevent arms and legs from getting stuck, which is safer than a traditional bumper. Crib bumper keeps your little ones safe and will let you get some sleep at night without worrying.

Moreover, Because of its unique softness, you can put it into any shape as needed such as a square, rectangular, circle or even heart-shaped. It's not only a crib or cradle bumper, but the baby bumper can also be used as a back cushion, sleeping pillow or even bedding decor. It is a great gift for newborns.



  • Length:about 100cm/200cm/300cm
  • Width:10-12cm


Collections: Baby & Toddler Care

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