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Cute Baby Cloth Book

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Great for Visual Development, Sensory Skills and Catches Baby's Attention“Enrich your baby’s childhood by Cute Baby Cloth Book an educational toy” is what The Everbloomer cares most.

Unique Black & White Design for Visual Training and provides Brain & Intelligence Enlightenment. Baby is born with blurred vision, and only gradually increased after 3 months old. Cute Baby Cloth Book could help your babies to improve their recognizing, learning, speaking, coordination skill by interacting with parents. 

Moreover, BLACK-and-WHITE contrast images, which can stimulate babies' vision cognition process for brain enlightenment step by step. The books can help you to bond with your baby, to read the books together. And the most important thing is that it is really a wonderful way to stimulate key skills, like language & reading skills, communication skills, imagination, sensory skills, etc.

In addition, the books are made of quality materials --- Bamboo Fiber Fabric and painted with harmless ink, newborns babies can bite them freely with no harm, mommy can rest assured that. After washing them, they kept their shape and color.

Cute Baby Cloth Book- Baby Educational Toy | The Everbloomer

Other Features:

  • Four-layer Filling: Multi-layer material, resistant to tear and bite.
  • Hand Strap: Hand Strap design, light, easy to hold and clean, hang up anytime and anywhere.
  • Strict Workmanship: The gap between the cloth books is stitched well and can't be torn.

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