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Multifunctional Diapers Organizer

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This diapering Multifunctional Diapers Organizer adds great styles for your changing stand table or anywhere in your family room. The Multifunctional Diapers Organizer is portable enough to be carried anywhere in the house or onto the car during travel trips. The removable inserts can be easily taken out and use it as a large tote to store goods such as breast pump, bathing products, blankets, baby clothes, and many more with multiple compartments, you can easily store lots of your baby item, use as a car organizer.

In addition, Its the best gift for anyone with a child. The opening is designed for any wipe holder to easily take wipes out of the organizer without even having to open it.



  • Good workmanship, durable and practical, environmentally friendly materials.
  • Convenient to carry when you are traveling and easy to clean.
  • The diaper caddy basket is suitable for any room.
  • Removable organizer insert & 8 pockets on the 4 sides.



Size A: 330x230x180mm / 13.0x9.1x7.1in
Size: 29.5cm X 18.5cm X 10cm

Collections: Diapers & Backpacks

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