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Silicone Baby Bottle

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Does your baby refuse to take a bottle? Do you wish to mix breastfeeding and bottle feeding? Or does one simply desire a fantastic bottle your baby can love?
Don't sacrifice on quality for the sake of a few extra dollars.

The Silicone Baby Bottle is meant to copy the breastfeeding expertise like no alternative bottle. This bottle could appear as if any traditional bottle however the method it feels is way completely different. The front has an extra-wide teat so that babies can latch on to the bottle in the same way they latch to the breast, thus eliminating the confusion when combining bottle and breastfeeding.

The Silicone Baby Bottle is created from super soft medical grade silicone polymer that replicates the softness of the breast in contrast to exhausting plastic bottles. The medical-grade silicone is very hygienic and has naturally anti-microbial properties. It is conjointly freed from all the nasty toxins that standard plastic bottles will have.


Material: Silica gel
Capacity: 150ml & 250ml

Collections: Feeding Essentials

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