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Ultrasonic Moon Lamp Air Humidifier

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Dry air may cause dry skin. When your skin is dry, it's going to crack and wrinkle a lot of simply. This can be incredibly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, after you have dry air in your home, lotion and chapstick might not be enough to rehydrate skin. One way to assist is to possess acceptable levels of wetness within the air, therefore your skin will absorb it. An Ultrasonic Moon Lamp Air Humidifier, at the side of creams, might help you to retain skin wetness, scale back-scratching, and promote Peaceful sleep.

In addition, This Ultrasonic Moon Lamp Air Humidifier can be used with a little aromatherapy essential oil,

Note: The replacement of sponge sticks in about a month will also reduce the service life of the humidifier faster because the residual oil will clog the atomizer. So when customers add aromatherapy essential oil, please use it carefully.



  1. material: PVC + PP
  2. Product size: 130*130*130mm/5.12"
  3. Product weight: 300g
  4. Input voltage: DC5V
  5. Working current: 400mA
  6. Usage power: 2W
  7. Water Tank Capacity: 880mL

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Ultrasonic Moon Lamp Air Humidifier

Collections: Kids Bedroom & Decor

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